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Winter Rhythm

March 2020


Material | Dyed fabric

Size | 1x0.5x2m

Exhibition | A Continuation of Autumn, The Johnston Terrace Garden

This project is a continuation of my previous work "Autumn hues", which is also an experiment of environmental colour at the Johnston Terrace Garden. Both artworks are inspired by the surrounding, such as seasonal change and microclimate in the garden. While last time my research is about fallen leaves which is a feature of the Autumn, this time I focus on the wind's movement that is a characteristic in Scottish winter.

A wind's flow is invisible but is visualized through the movement of an object. As a result, I attempt to capture the movement of the wind with strips of fabric strung between trees, each dyed in a colour that I was able to identify within the garden.

This installation is exhibited in ASN1 students' group exhibition "A Continuation of Autumn" at the Johnston Terrace Garden, which was open to the public for a single day.

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