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When are you going to cut the grass?

May 2020

3mins Art film

Edinburgh, Uk


Filmed by Joanne Matthews and Hsin-Yi Wang

Sound design by Nicholas Escobar

Production support from Yulia Kovanova

Trailer (contact me if you are interested in the full film)


With precise, comedic, performance and a perpetual mechanical soundtrack, When are you going to cut the grass? satirises actions of control in the garden, situated in a world where things aren’t quite what they seem.



A person in a red boiler suit sets to work in a fabricated world which exists simultaneously outside and inside. Powered by a mechanical soundtrack the gardener performs actions of gardening with precision and moments of distortion. As the film develops the gardener takes moments to liberate their work and eventually lie down and reflect.


Team statement

We are interested in everyday occurrences of ecological destruction in the domestic setting. Furthermore how the acts are powered by the culture of the “perfect household”. When are you going to cut the grass? takes inspiration from the act of mowing the lawn, as an absurd act of slow violence. For most people in the UK this seemingly banal, everyday action is just part of life. We are interested in mowing and more broadly, gardening, as performative acts of control.

To understand these actions we began mimicking them and workshopping a performance to camera. Overtime we developed a minimal absurdist language in which to play with actions of cutting, watering and mowing in a constructed environment which deliberately blurs the boundaries of reality to make the audience do a double take.

With this film we question why are we doing these actions and why can’t we let the garden grow wild? What will that say about us? Will we damage our projection of the perfect neighbour who has everything under control?


Introduction of this film (EPK)

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