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The Scale of Flood

March 2020
Short animation for ECCI project
Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation
Tools | Illustrator, Photoshop, AfterEffect

Increasing carbon dioxide caused by Human activities has changed the environment in ways that are comparable with deep-time processes. The increases in CO2 might be invisible; however, the consequence resulted from it, such as floods, melted glaciers, and sea-level rise, is clear enough to prove the global warming is happening. Although the cumulative effect seems to happen rapidly and significantly in the geologic time scale, it is barely perceptible in daily life compared to the sudden damage from a tsunami. Nevertheless, many a mickle makes a muckle, cities will ultimately be overwhelmed due to the daily trifle rise of water level.

A scale is a tool invented by humans for measuring space and time. Through the measurement, from a tiny spatial scale to massive timescale things become quantifiable and perceptible. In the water of Leith, climate change has accelerated the flooding frequency and the peak of water level is anticipated to reach 4 meters height in zones with flooding in the next 30 years; however, the change is too trifle to be sensed in our daily life. I aim at visualizing this indiscernible change of floods by showing the transformation of water lines in distinctive scales, hence the scale of the flood is capable to be perceived in this video.


近代人類活動所產生的碳排放導致的氣候變遷,已深刻影響過去幾百億年自然演化來的生態環境。碳排放的增加或許是無形的,其所引發的洪水氾濫,海平面上升,冰山融化等水平面的變化卻是可視的證據。這樣的環境變遷看似劇烈與快速,但不同於海嘯帶來的衝擊,暖化造成的變遷需經年累月的累積,對許多人的日常而言依舊細微的難以覺察。 然而,每日水平線的些微增加最終卻會使諸多城市被洪流給吞沒。


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