Go With The Flow

December 2019

Installation, drawing 

Material | 2 pieces of digital drawing 

Size | 18.5X170cm (each)

Exhibition | envelop, Tent Gallery


Mapping in the forest


The group exhibition “ envelop” is a response to the structural complexity and veiled entanglements within the Black Wood of Rannoch, Perthshire. This artwork is a mapping of flora and the flows of water in the disorientating forest.


I was disoriented in the deep forest, the only thing that could help me navigate through the wild maze is the trace of water; however, most of the time the water was hidden under those mosses and liverworts, I had to stumble over them to find my way out. Finally, the shimmering lake appeared at the edge of the forest, guided me to float away with the flow.

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There are two drawings placed on the ground. The black and white one (right side) is the mapping of flora and flow in the forest and the black and blue one (left side) is the water trace, which is developed from the mapping. As it is a portrait of the waterscape, the artworks are exhibited on the ground horizontally, but one of the sides is hung up to express the flow of water.

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