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Deep Time Fable

深 時 的 寓 言

Master Project
Jan.-May 2021
Illustration & Animation by Hsin-Yi Wang
Sound Design by Hsin Shyu

A rumour spreads in the city of Edinburgh: "The volcano is going to erupt," first said the unknown. As time goes by, the volcano is extinct, the landscape has changed, but the rumour has never stopped among birds.

“火山即將爆發” ,百萬年前末日的預言在愛丁堡擴散開來。隨著時間流逝、桑海滄田,時至今日火山早已沈寂,謠言卻仍在鳥兒們的口耳相傳中不斷流傳。


This is a deep-time journey across different times and spaces in the city of Edinburgh, showing the three hundred million years landscape's story with birds' whispers.


The fable is based on my previous video works ‘A Different Time,’ which is a research journey into geologic time in the landscape of Edinburgh. The video stories in my previous work are now rearranged and reconnected as a single fable. It starts with a rumour among birds about volcano eruption, which hasn't really happened in the past 340 million years since the volcanoes in Edinburgh are already extinct, and then flows with birds from the Union Canal to the North Sea. Along with the bird's movement, I aim to encourage and entice the audience to travel back to a time when the landscape had barely any human trace and to reflect on our current environment. This project displays two different mediums - illustration and animation. Both mediums follow the same storyline but develop into a combined distinct narrative. The illustration shows an overlapping timescape, while the animation unfolds the process of temporal change.

寓言故事改編自我的前一個作品“A Different Time"。我將前作搜集來的7個愛丁堡的“真實的”地景故事,整合成一個關於火山、鳥語以及人類世的寓言。寓言起始於一個關於火山爆發的謠言; 事實上愛丁堡的火山早已化成岩礫,這三百萬年間以及未來都不會再爆發。由西邊的運河到東邊的海港,我意圖透過鳥類的移動與觀望,講述一個土地是如何由原始的景觀演變成現今的面貌,並反思人類的足跡在這其中的影響。


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