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Web designer, Visual artist


Videos - 2 Months (Oct. - Nov. 2020)

Web design - 1 week 


A Different Time was an academic project I did at art school.

This website can be considered as fieldwork research of my graduate project, which explores landscape stories in Edinburgh. It was a time during the lockdown when students in the art school had to share their works virtually; as a result, I tried to make an interactive presentation by building this website. My main goal was to make the audience experience artistic landscape stories during the lockdown.


Academic project


Miro, Webflow, Photoshop, Illustrator


Web design



Non-fiction stories


This interactive online video map is based on a chronological map that shows the earliest urban pattern in Edinburgh, which is very different from today’s landscape. On this map, the current location of Waverley train station and The Meadows were once a loch, Edinburgh Castle and The Royal Mile are the first construction, and the extinct volcanoes are always there. The map mainly comprises 7 stories of the ‘timescape’, a takeaway show, and a short animation. ​ ​


I first did a wireframe on Miro. People can see the structure, interact with the draft, and leave a comment here.  

截圖 2021-11-27 下午11.22.14.png

Responsive web design

For users who might want to browse on a mobile phone, this website is responsive can be viewed on a smartphone. 

PixelBook Go and Pixel 4 XL2.png


The main image of the map focuses on hills and loch, which I tried to point out by using vivid blue and green colors. Following the map, I applied the color cyan to the icon and headlines. On the other hand, the basic background is in a dark color to match the photos and videos here that are all shot at night. The main icon of this website is a circle that reflects the idea of deep time. 

截圖 2021-11-28 下午1.50.28.png
資產 2.png
資產 1.png


It was a project for presenting my artworks, so I mainly collected feedback from the audiences, including colleagues, tutors, artists, and people who live in Edinburgh. 

Most people shared that they had a different understanding of the landscape with which they thought they were familiar. Some people like the presentation gave them the flexibility to explore on the digital map, though some want navigation or sequence to guide them to browse all of the locations. 

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