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Marketing and UI design for the NHS app

This is a case study of digital marketing to design a touchpoint for audiences to introduce the newly launched  “Joint Health” section of the NHS app. My research method comprises marketing strategy and user research, presenting the collaterals by UI design.

My Role

Product designer

UI designer


Landing pages

Marketing strategy

Key Deliverables

  • Digital Marketing 

  • User Research

  • User Interface

  • Illustration 

  • Graphic design


  • Google Forms

  • Figma

  • Procreate



Design a touchpoint for the elderly audience to get to know the new “Joint Health” section of the NHS app.


Find out the most effective marketing solution to reach out to the target audiences, design a product marketing collateral based on the strategy.

Design Process

process 2.png



Define the audiences

3marketing method (1).png

NHS Marketing methods

According to the information from NHS Digital, there are certain existing methods that they often use to approach the target audiences. The most effective way to advertise their service is by sending texts. 

4marketing method.png

Analyse & Define

Analyse the marketing methods

The form is made for analysing the marketing methods so that I can define which collateral is the best solution for advertising.

Marketing approaches - Template.jpg

Define the main collateral

Based on the marketing methods I found from previous research, I then compare different marketing collaterals to define the solution. A landing page is the best choice to approach the target users, also it is related to other collaterals which make it to be the most effective way to advertise the product.



Create the User flow

There are two main user flows to reach out to the landing page. In the primary flow, users will receive NHS/GP text then be directed to the landing page and introduced to the main product.

7user flow.png

Landing page design
(Mobile phone)

9mock up (1).png
10Prototype (1).png

Landing page design

12mock up (1).png


Pros and cons of launching a landing page

13 metrics.png

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