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Hsin-Yi Wang


I am a multidisciplinary artist with a design background. Influenced by the methodologies in architecture design, my practice responds to the environment and culture that surrounds me; currently, strongly inspired by the Scottish landscape where I live. Understanding Scotland’s ancient geologic history is at the heart of my research.


I have immersed myself within the Scottish landscape, I have been fascinated by temporality, how the land is currently being shaped and by deep time where the land has changed through millennia. My works centres around the topics of deep time, temporality, and the volcanic landforms.


My fascination with deep time, which plays the most important role in my work, is not only about geological timescales but I’m also concerned with environmental issues such as climate change and the Anthropocene. Hence, there is always an ecological consciousness behind my work. In terms of narrative, telling the story of the landscape is a key component and an essential methodology in my studio and theoretical enquiry. The context is often set by my field and academic research, seeking to reflect the existing environment and intertwining imaginings that transcends time and space.


I have established an interdisciplinary practice that has expanded even further to incorporate many digital platforms since Covid-19 restrictions and the enforced lockdown in the UK. Using visual media, I recently explored the geological story of Edinburgh through photography, film, illustration, and animation, mixing different media to tell a more complete time story.


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