Autumn Hues

October 2019


Material | Monoprint, paper 

Size | Colour paper in A5 size

Exhibition | By leaves we live, Tent Gallery

This artwork is one of the projects in the group show “by leaves we live”, which is a response to the Johnstone Terrace Wildlife Reserve in Edinburgh, built by Patrick Geddes.

The individual artwork comprises a series of color paper that was placed on the ground of the garden for 5 days, the change left on the papers is a record of the microclimate and animal trace.

It was October at the botanic garden, autumn had arrived though the canopies of trees were still covered with green, those dry leaves were falling, filling up the garden. The movement among light, shadow and leaves was appealing but ephemeral.

From the pattern to the color, I wonder how to capture the rapid change, the temporality of autumn. Paper is what human use to record time; on the other hand, nature also left some trace on it. Through natural method, when paper is exposed to the sun, soaked from the rain, the feature of it might fade away, wrinkle or discolor. These color papers with leave prints that reflects to the environment of the garden. It was pinned on the land in a row on a daily basis, the color paper changed along with the microclimate and distubance by creatures in the garden.